Right back to where we started from

Faculty and student’s struggle with the transiton from elearning to in-person learning and try to regain a sense of normalcy


Photo by Mr. Chris Paolelli

Students are having to quickly transition to the new normal at Saint Viator. Six months ago, students had to suddenly transition from learning in school to learning through their computers. Now, Saint Viator High School is back open and students are returning to their regular routines, with some noticeable changes. Saint Viator has begun new procedures to make sure of the staffs’ and students’ safety and cleanliness, and has also begun a new block schedule that cuts students’ daily number of classes in half.

Currently, most students are back in class in person, but students did have the choice to continue e-learning. Saint Viator has introduced many resources for students who feel worried or anxious about returning to schools such as emotional-support services from counselors. Even so, students still have anxiety for their safety and their family’s safety.

“Personally, this year has not been the easiest so far,” said sophomore Abby Young. “My grandma lives with me and she is high risk so it is pretty scary and my mom and I have to be extra careful. I don’t mind the block schedule though, I’d say that I have grown a liking to it. Overall, I can handle the masks and cleaning- I just am worried about keeping my family safe.”

Although many students are learning from home, they are still members of the Viator community. Saint Viator is also offering Wind Down Wednesday where students can sign up to participate in prayer and talk about how they feel and receive some advice.

Even though Saint Viator has made a substantial effort to make students feel a sense of normalcy, freshmen still have to begin their first year of high school during a pandemic. They have had to learn how to navigate and get to their classes with the new one-way hallways. Counselors have urged freshmen to meet with them so they can get to know them. Teachers assisting students as well.

“I felt overwhelmed at first just because of all the new people and all of my classes but everyone really made me feel welcomed and the teachers helped me adjust to this crazy time during the pandemic,” said freshman Gianna Bentz.

Although all students are transitioning into a new school life, most keep their hopes up and stay positive.