Climate change: problem of the ages

Is it too late to save the environment? With the recent rise in natural disasters, animal extinctions and destruction of natural habitats in 2020 alone, it seems as if the world is ,quite literally, going up in flames. Currently, the U.S. government has repealed 72 environmental regulations. The government should be doing more for the environment and implement new regulations. Things like extreme weather, dirty air, health hazards and the destruction of major ecosystems are already part of our reality, and without proper protection for the environment, they could get far worse.

There are plenty of foreign nations with climate change plans that the U.S.  could try to implement. For instance, Morocco’s National Energy Strategy calls to reduce CO2 emissions and run on 42% renewable energy by this year, with the hopes to increase that by nearly ten percent by 2030. The European Union is also taking notable initiatives. The European Green Deal plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and invest in more innovative climate research. The European Climate Pact, a branch of the Green Deal, targets the engagement of citizens and strives to provide the people with a voice on the subject of climate change. Another possibility would be to implement the Green New Deal, which combines Theodore Roosevelt’s economic approach with the idea of introducing  renewable energy and finding new resources to cut down on the nation’s carbon footprint. Although it is currently one of the most ambitious and controversial proposals, the Green New Deal would overall improve the climate situation in the U.S. 

Concern for the earth has inspired kids of all ages to take a stand for the future. Whether they protest peacefully and make influential speeches like Greta Thunberg, or use their social media platforms, like TikTok or Instagram, to spread awareness, the younger generations have begun to realize that action must be taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe. With more teenagers reaching the voting age, they carry the power to vote for a future where the U.S. makes rules to protect the earth and ensure a future for all.