Streaming services challenge live TV sports


Art by Joey Dauphin

Remember when the Cubs game was free on TV? Remember when TV shows used to be on regular TV? Those days are long gone. Due to the increase of new streaming networks, many television producers have decided to add their shows on networks such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Marquee. This change from regular television viewing to paid network subscriptions has many pros. People now can watch their favorite shows anytime they want with no ads. Networks allow users to watch their shows anywhere and on any device.

Although there are many pros to paid subscription networks, there are also many cons to the system. Every month a person is required to pay a fee to keep their subscription, which can be costly. Another con is that there may not be a specific show that a person wants to watch on a single network due to the limited availability of shows and movies. It is very easy to finish a series or a movie and not have anything else to watch. This can make subscribing to these networks seem like a waste of money.
Another change in television is the Chicago Cubs discontinuing their games on the free television channel WGN. This change has outraged many of the loyal Cub’s fans.

For years fans have been able to watch their games no matter how bad they were. After they won the World Series in 2016, the Cubs’ owners wanted more money so they decided to create the Cub’s new official network named Marquee. Now fans are expected to pay $6-$7 a month to watch a game. For decades baseball has always been available to watch to anyone who had owned a TV. It is unfair for fans to have to pay to watch a team they were always loyal to. The increase of new streaming networks has many more cons than pros to it.