Billie Eilish: fame hasn’t caught up with this young star


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The music industry, along with teenagers worldwide, didn’t think they needed an artist like Billie Eilish until she appeared on top of music charts. Although Billie Eilish’s stardom may have seemed sudden to the music world, it also felt sudden to Eilish herself. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, she explained that she and her brother were shocked when her first popular release, Ocean Eyes, received one thousand hits overnight.

Billie’s rising popularity could not have been done without the producing and songwriting help from her older brother, Finneas O’Connell. They two have been dedicated to music since a young age and were homeschooled, which allowed them to be more creative at home. With opposing strengths, Finneas and Billie agree that they are a perfect team with Finneas’s producing and Billie’s vocals. Billie Eilish has recorded the majority of her songs in her brother’s childhood bedroom in Los Angeles, California. Finneas’s music career has grown recently, but not nearly as close to the popularity of his sister, Billie.
It is clear that her relatable music and lyrics have launched her career and continues her popularity. With an impression of depressing and sullen music, Eilish justifies her musical approach that everyone gets sad sometimes.
Outside of her music career, Eilish is popular due to her unique style. She empowers women with her modest clothing, and she chooses to wear loosely fit clothing to avoid judgement. She hopes for people to focus on what she has to say rather than her body.

Additionally, Billie Eilish is known for her concern involving shootings and advocating gun control laws.
Although Eilish is one of the most relevant artists currently, she remains incredibly humble and interacts with her fans at any opportunity. She shows her appreciation and gratitude to all of her music listeners. When she was first becoming popular, Billie was surprised to meet and collaborate with some of her favorite artists. It was crazy to her to think that some of her greatest role models wanted to meet her.

Eilish doesn’t believe that she deserves the praise that her music receives. Recently in her Grammy’s speech, she mentioned that she believed Ariana Grande deserved the award instead of herself. She’s not only grateful for the award, but supports her fellow music artists.