Do-re-mi too: musical provides fun for all


Hannah Klimas

Saint Viator holds the winter musical with high esteem. The time and care put into it by students and staff show how it is one of the highlights of Saint Viator’s fine arts department. The musical really starts at auditions held by director Mrs. Kate Costello and her colleagues in which they find the right people for the right roles. Students wait for the cast list to come out to learn what parts they got.  When everyone has been assigned their roles, the real magic happens.

The Saint Viator productions exemplify the collaborative work of all people involved and the rigorous effort they have to put into every show.  

“This year we had no cuts for the musical,” said Mrs. Costello. These shows are boosted by the participation of many different kinds of high school students through the inclusivity. The wide variety of talents helps everyone to develop their skills.

“The musical is treated as a puzzle where all types of students come together to make one beautiful picture,” said Mrs. Costello. By having this increased diversity in the cast, new ideas are spread and a better and more entertaining show is presented.   

The great shows students put on are only possible because of what they do to bring all the pieces together. When reflecting on their accomplishments, they realize that it is all possible with the leadership and talent of our directors. With next year coming fast and the departure of Mrs. Costello, the ideas we have could change as well as any preconceived notions of the musical.  This brings up the question of how this process has and will change. 

With the coming of a new director next year, we all wonder about how we will have to adjust to the new system of the new director or if the system will stay the same. Despite the anticipated changes, I hope the Viator musical will always stay this inclusive and diverse because it contributes to the success and popularity of the shows.  If the musical becomes more restrictive, many students will not get the opportunity to experience the fantastic and defining fine arts of Saint Viator that are so vital to the connectivity of the school.