Hello, my name is Dean Fuja


Photo by Madeline Dauphin

Have you noticed that the familiar face always greeting you with “¡Hola!” in the hallways is now also reminding you to put on your lanyard?

That’s right, former Spanish teacher Mr. John Fuja has now joined Dean Deb Scerbicke as a Dean of Students for last names from A-L.

Although the term “Dean of Students” can bring thoughts of punishment and harsh discipline, Dean Fuja said that he strives to change this perception since he finds constructive character-building to be more effective.

“The goal is to change the negative behavior to a positive one, not call out the student,” said Dean Fuja.

Being a dean brings many responsibilities, both long-term and sudden, but Dean Fuja said he feels excited by the new challenges.

“Every day is different and it is never dull,” said Dean Fuja.

He said that he was particularly surprised by how many emails he has to send out.

With that said, Dean Fuja said that he already misses teaching in the Spanish classroom.

“I loved planning and executing lessons that were exciting, engaging, and fun about a topic I love—Spanish,” said Dean Fuja.

Although his new role may seem very different from his former position, Dean Fuja said that he still sees himself as a teacher who helps students reach their full potential and have a positive impact on others.

“The approach I had in Spanish class to creating expectations, communicating those expectations, holding students up to those expectations and learning from moments where those expectations were not met is the same approach I hope to take as a dean,” said Dean Fuja.

One thing is for sure: whether he is teaching students to conjugate the verb “tener” or helping them to improve their behavior in the dean’s office, Dean Fuja cares about making students the best they can be.