Ways to get into the Christmas spirit switch up


Art by Jimin Yu

One Christmas-time tradition that many share is gathering around the TV and watching a Christmas movie with family and friends and drinking hot chocolate while surrounded by Christmas decorations in the house.
Every year more and more entertainment companies come out with new Christmas movies for all to enjoy during the holiday season, but this creates a pressing question: should movie creators continue to make new Christmas movies or stick to the classics?

Opinions vary on whether new Christmas movie releases add or take away from the holiday nostalgia of the classic Christmas films such as “Frosty the Snowman” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Well-known films such as “Home Alone,” “Elf,” or “The Princess Switch” are all-around fan favorites for their cinematic elements and realistic aspects of their settings in New York City, Chicago, or far-away lands. Another example an average celebration of Christmas is shown in the movie “Let it Snow,” where the viewers watch a realistic plot about how an average town celebrates Christmas. Christmas remakes and new renditions can also connect old Christmas traditions with the new. In the recent Christmas movie release, “Last Christmas,” the popular Christmas song “Last Christmas” is brought to life. The modern day romantic comedy portrays the story behind the well-known Christmas song.

Many viewers prefer new Christmas movies over the classics because the new movies enhance the Christmas experience. The cinematography in new movies always improves, and it helps the viewers to visualize the Christmas season that much better. Additionally, after rewatching the same classic Christmas movies, many people want to see something different.

Similar to new movies, holiday episodes of fan-favorite TV shows also add to the Christmas spirit. Holiday episodes add to the Christmas season by portraying their characters during the most wonderful time of the year. For example, in the show “The Office,” there are many Christmas episodes to put people in the Christmas spirit. The episodes are loved by “The Office” viewers because they get to experience the holiday season in the workplace and during their holiday parties. Christmas-themed episodes show what the Christmas season is today unlike the classic movies.

New Christmas movies and shows add to the Christmas season due to the excitement they create for the viewers. Unlike the classic Christmas movies, the new movies give viewers something new to watch. These new movies and episodes give viewers an alternative way to get into the Christmas spirit.