Be in style, stay in dress code all the while


Nowadays, iconic fashion companies like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Vineyard Vines are dominating the industry with their expensive, flashy items. These are what many teens yearn for today, but it is more a desire to look fashionable. However, with dress codes in place, they can’t possibly have a stylish appearance, right? WRONG! Here are just a few different ways to look fabulous while going about your school day:

Don’t Sweat It, or Maybe Do

Gone are the days of rocking a summer look with a simple polo and shorts. The weather is turning crisp, so you may want some extra warmth instead. Well, you’re in luck! While most hoodies are not permitted during the school day (except on Fridays), the sweatshirts and fleeces available in the McKenna Marketplace are allowed. The next time you’re feeling a bit chilly at school, just slip on a legal red lion jacket or sweatshirt, and you’ve got an adorable autumn look that won’t get you a violation. If that doesn’t work for you, then maybe try a cute undershirt instead. This is a very popular trend, especially among juniors such as Callie Mulligan, Lili Castellese, Olivia Gauthier and Grace Oleksyk.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Feeling drab or dreary? Well, have no fear! Most jewelry is allowed in the school dress code, so show your sparkle! Ladies, a pair of earrings, a fun necklace or a cute bracelet are a great way to go. Gentlemen, while you can’t wear earrings, chains or other neckwear, a dapper wristwatch makes for a classy way to start your school day and keep track of the time.

Show Your True Colors

Despite the addition of navy pants this year—the most significant uniform modification for a long time—some still are convinced that there’s no possible way a polo and pants could be fashionable. But there actually is a lot of variety to choose from. With over ten different color options of polo shirts plus two different colors of pants, the possibilities are endless! You can mix and match colors however you want until you find a style that’s 100 percent you! If that’s not enough, try mixing up your footwear! For example, freshmen Genevieve Derwin and Marianne Mercurio said they like to wear different colored socks every day. So spice up your life with some cool color combos!

Let Your Hair Down, Or Keep it Up

While there may be some restrictions in place to keep your hair from looking too crazy, most styles are fair game. Try experimenting with different types of hairdos, or just stick with your favorite look. It’s all up to you! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find you like wearing braids. Another key tip is to add some color with a hair tie, headband,or other hair accessory, which will also give your look a more vibrant feel. A good idea may be to style your hair to accent or compliment your clothes.

While these clever ideas may give you a new sense of style, never forget the most important rule of fashion:

You be You

Think of your clothing as a work of art and express yourself! If you feel your look just wouldn’t be complete without that one item, go for it (if it’s allowed)! In the words of Dean of Students Deb Scerbicke, “I like the neatness of the uniform, but everyone and their unique personalities still shine through.”

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  • Photo by Alex DiMarco

  • Photo by Alex DiMarco

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  • Photo by Alex DiMarco

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