Where did Dean Sanford go?

Mr. Bill Sanford has been one of the Deans of Students for eight years. This year, he has taken a brand new job, which left many students wondering where he is now and what he is doing at school.
Dean Sanford, now known as Mr. Sanford, is the new Director of Major Gifts and Strategic Partnerships. This is the first job of its kind at the school. Mr. Sanford said he has always been a person who likes to connect with others, so he believes this job is perfect for him.
“I wanted to help the school in a new way based on my skill set,’’ said Mr. Sanford.
In his new job, Mr. Sanford is always on the go, looking for different opportunities to link people with each other in ways that could better benefit the school. For instance, he might find a parent or alum who works for a company that works with sporting equipment. Mr. Sanford can find ways for them to donate their products to the school. Another example is that he might find a few seniors looking into the same major. Once they graduate college, he will find ways for them to meet up or connect and help each other with their future lives.
“I like to move around and connect people,’’ Mr. Sanford explained. “I don’t like to be in the same place for too long.” Mr. Sanford has always wanted to be active in his job. He said he feels that this job truly suits him and his “on-the-go” ways of working.
Though he loves his new job, he said he truly does miss being a dean, especially talking with all of the students and teachers. He always enjoyed trying to find solutions to problems within the school. In particular, he even misses the bad music that Attendance Manager Mrs. Kathy Gallagher used to play.
Not only has he been a dean at this school, but he has also had two other jobs at Saint Viator in the past. Prior to being dean, Mr. Sanford was the Director of Enrollment. He was even a theology teacher for the first year he worked here. After fifteen years and three different jobs, he is proud to move on and say that his new job suits him well, yet Mr. Sanford still misses the great times he had as Dean Sanford.