The bagel industry unwrapped

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Whether you desire a warm breakfast or a late-night study snack, the bagel industry has you covered. Options ranging from cinnamon raisin and chocolate chip to asiago cheese and plain are endless, similar to the toppings. Three of the most renowned bagel places nearby are Einstein Bros. Bagels, The Great American Bagel, and The Original Bagel and Bialy.

Einstein Bros. Bagels opened in December 1995, in Miami, Florida, and it has blossomed into a corporation with nearly 700 locations. With 26 current varieties ranging from jalapeño cheddar to the everything bagel, the options are endless. Employees arrive at 2am every morning to bake bagels every morning and provide customers with the best experience possible. Einstein Bros. Bagels is also known for their shmear, a cream cheese type spread, with 10 flavors.

Although Einstein Bros. Bagels does offer a bagel for every meal, The Great American Bagel is nine years older and takes more of an all day bagel approach. The Rolling Meadows location offers a menu full of options such as simple bagels without any toppings or sandwiches with cheese and meat. Aside from bagels with cream cheese, popular items include the chicken club melt, the scrambled egg and cheese sandwich, and the Italian trio on asiago. There are approximately 52 locations across the country and the company is based in Westmont, IL.

In contrast with Einstein Bros. Bagels and The Great American Bagel, The Original Bagel and Bialy is family owned and has only one location in Buffalo Grove. Providing a multitude of options, the restaurant is owned by a Jewish couple who make bagels and bialy daily. Bialy are similar to bagels, but are red-blood cell shaped, without the classic hole in the middle. Whether it is a bagel with cream cheese or a bagel sandwich, the family has you covered every day of the week.

Bagels are a common meal and snack for anyone across the world, sport teams get dozens for the day of a big match, and families buy them in bulk through Costco (which are actually Einstein Bros. Bagels). There are endless varieties and endless options.