Disney streaming service provides competition for Netflix

In today’s entertainment world, streaming services are the most popular way of watching movies and television shows. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are thriving off of this new form of binge watching . Unfortunately, shows and movies are being taken off certain platforms due to unrenewed contracts. This includes the hit show Friends which is being removed from Netflix in 2020 with great anger and sadness from fans.

Unfortunately, this pattern will only increase with the movie powerhouse Disney Studios deciding to dive into the newborn industry with it’s new streaming platform, Disney+. With the service set to include Disney owned titles, many Disney movies on Netflix will be taken off and placed on Disney+.

But what many fans are wondering is: what movies are leaving Netflix and when will they be gone? In 2012, Disney and Netflix signed a document that gave Netflix exclusive U.S. rights to Disney films immediately after they came out on DVD. The deal took effect in 2016, allowing movies released in and after that to be on Netflix. They also signed a separate deal for certain older titles such as 1998’s ‘Mulan.’

But then, in August 2017, Disney announced that they would not renew their contract with Netflix. This meant the Disney movies released in and after 2016 on Netflix would be removed. This includes not only Walt Disney studios movies, but also Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel movies as well. Some older Disney movies have already been removed, with more leaving as well, including ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Bolt.’

Though this is very upsetting news to some, a small comfort is that though Disney+ will arrive in November, many Disney movies on Netflix won’t be leaving right away. The majority of Disney movies won’t leave until the spring or summer of 2020.
With this new service looming over fans shoulders, people are divided over the situation. Some think it’s a great idea to have all of Disney content on one service, while others are frustrated that they have to keep buying new subscriptions to watch all their favorite shows and movies.

With Disney+ set to release on November 12, 2019, people will see how fans react to Mickey Mouse taking on the streaming service world.