‘Joker’ movie raises concern despite box office success


The Box office was booming on October 4th due to the recent release of ‘Joker,’ as were police stations across the nation. Police were on high alert in response because when the last Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’ that opened on July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

“No major concerns over the weekend… we do have the resources to deal with a situation if one occurs,” said Sargent Karen McCartney of the Schaumburg Police Department. “We work with other agencies and information through partnerships to insure safety,” said Sargent McCartney. No major outbreaks occurred in the Chicago area, but Sargent McCartney reported that the Schaumburg Police Station was on alert.

Not only were there concerns about the film but it did raise some backlash on gun violence in society linking to what previously happened in Aurora. The movie insures that they have nothing to do with the shooting and in no way endorse the violence that occurred. The creators of Joker also go on to say that in no way was the Joker a hero. Instead, the producers donated to groups that help victims of gun violence, as well as help gun reforms in hopes to stop another situation from occurring.

While ‘Joker’ was the center of a lot of backlash, there were some good aspects as well as some bad. Not only was it relevant in opinion news, but also was popular in the theaters. The Box office reported that it earned pulled $96 million in the United States alone. Over all, ‘Joker’ made $258.1 million worldwide.

The movie over all gave insight to what makes a villain and what it means to be an outcast of society. The film gives viewers a different perspective on why the Joker is the way he is.