Hobby hunting: find your new favorite club


Taein Park

Are you looking for new hobbies, or trying to find a group of like minded people? Maybe you have been wanting to get more involved with your school. Well, there’s a solution to that—new clubs!

Some of the new clubs include The Viatones, Respect For Life, Mahjong and Ping Pong, Environmental and Ultimate Frisbee.

The Viatones is an all-male a capella group run by choir director Mrs. Joleen Kragt, and as senior Andrew Bremner put it, it’s “just guys being dudes.”

The Respect For Life Club is a group of students who are pro-life and are fighting for the lives of unborns, and for all humans to be able to live a life of dignity, run by sophomore Grace Walker and theology teacher Mr. Zach Wulbert.

“The respect life group is looking at the life issues that the Catholic Church engages in and we’re meaning to discuss them, and also see what we can do to change society and be more in favor of life,” said Mr. Wulbert. “If anyone was to be asked, ‘Would you be in favor of promoting life, promoting a happy and healthy life?’ I think anyone deep down would say yes. And to have a place to discuss that and work towards it is important.”

Ultimate Frisbee is a new and fun way to get your energy out and it’s run by science teacher Mr. Neil Flink and senior Chris Perrotta. They meet in the back field, pick two different team captains,and play for about 45 minutes to an hour.

“I joined Ultimate Frisbee this year with my friends, and we have a blast!” said senior Colin Colón.

Mahjong and Ping Pong Club is a nice way to pick up a new hobby or play a fun game, and it is run by physical education teacher Ms. Lisa Wilson.

Last, but definitely not least, is Environmental Club. This club is run by theology teacher Ms. Kristin Scandora, senior Grace Zimmerman and senior Abbey Bonanotte, and it is a great way to learn more about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“We are really excited and have so many fun ideas to get the whole school involved with recycling and helping the environment,” said Bonanotte. Their motto is “Red lions go green!”

“It’s nice that they’ve come from student passions and we encourage active engagement in all of our clubs,” said Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery, Director of Student Activities.