Farm-to-table promotes healthy eating


Art by Kayla Johnson '19

Eighty years ago, it was common to eat a meal made with food that was harvested, picked or slaughtered a couple days prior or even earlier that day. Now, the genre of farm-to-table restaurants is a fast growing community. People desire fresh, local food that has not spent days in a truck or sitting on the shelf of a food store. Farm-to-table restaurants offer food that is not only local and fresh but meals that warm the soul.

Restaurants such as Farmhouse on North in Barrington and Found in Evanston invite people to eat comfort food that is fresh and healthy. The food and the staff are always friendly and welcoming.Farmhouse on North offers a wide variety of options with a seasonally changing menu. Whether you order the fish of the day or the chicken-fried steak that has returned from a previous menu, you will not be disappointed. On every plate, you receive grains, proteins and vegetables, all of which provide nutrients and a hearty taste to your palate. Farmhouse on North is located in Barrington off Main Street in a converted house. There is an upstairs bar and no reservations.

Found is a similar restaurant in the opposite direction of school with a more familial approach. This farm-to-table restaurant suggests ordering many plates, but take note that they come out whenever they are done. Couples, families and friends are encouraged to try several options and share what they order, keeping in mind that the phrase “small portions” is not in the chef’s vocabulary! Classics include the roasted cauliflower head and some seasonal flatbreads, along with everything else on the menu. Offering lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekends keeps the restaurant lively.

Although not technically classified as a farm-to-table restaurant, Passero in downtown Arlington Heights also provides locally, fresh food and a home-cooked style of food. Numerous farm-to-table options continue to pop up around the world.