‘Friends’ celebrates twenty five years


Art by Marion Krowczyk

What makes a television show popular? In the case of the 1994 smash hit show “Friends,” there may be a way to figure out why. With its 25th anniversary this year, it’s time to see what makes this show still resonate with audiences after twenty-five years.
“Friends” first aired on September 21, 1994, and was an immediate success. The show surrounds six friends, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe, and their adventures living in New York City. A main reason it is so popular today is the monstrous streaming platform that is Netflix. Netflix has all ten seasons of “Friends” on its site, allowing the show to form a new generation of viewers. In late 2018, Netflix was willing to go from 30 million dollars to 100 million dollars for the rights to the show. It is clear that “Friends” is one of the most popular shows on the service, but the question is why.

There are a lot of aspects of “Friends” that appeal to audiences. The show is filled with hilarious one liners and running gags, keeping audiences laughing for generations. Another aspect is its relatability, dealing with important issues like letting go of the past and developing into who you want to be. It is a story about becoming an adult, something everyone has to do. It is also a story of friendship. While other shows center around work or family or love, “Friends” shows the beautiful and underrated bond of friendship. But the main core of the show is its characters. Almost everyone who watches it can see themselves in the characters— Chandler trying to overcome his insecurities, Rachel’s struggle to find a career, and all of them trying to find love. Their qualities and imperfections help the audience feel like they know each character personally.

The seamless blend of all the show’s fabulous qualities help it stand out above the rest and keep it alive today. Because of the show’s anniversary, certain episodes will be airing in theaters from September 22 through October 2. Hopefully this show will continue to enchant audiences for another twenty-five years and beyond.