Parking posers prompt frustration

Time to purchase your pass or stop parking in the lots

As a teenager getting one’s licenses is a coveted milestone to life. However with the newfound freedom of driving to school also comes the responsibility of finding a place to park your car. To those who pay for a parking pass Saint Viator promises a safe and close parking spot, however some help themselves to one of the limited spots without going through the correct procedure to obtain one.

Obtaining a parking pass might be quite easy but it is also quite expensive, with a family parking pass priced at $125 one can see why people try to get out of this pricey exchange. Parking passes have proved to be beneficial for students driving themselves or others to and from school.  Students already have enough to stress about and finding a parking space should be the least of their worries.  Student athletes find this opportunity especially helpful as most of them are rushing to get to practices and games after school is over.  By having a parking spot in the lot, students can just get in their car and go.

Unfortunately, not all students abide by the simple parking pass rules and park in the lot without purchasing a Saint Viator issued pass. It would be unreasonable for the staff to check the parking lot everyday to make sure each student is parked legally, so many kids get away with free parking spots.  This disadvantage might not cause as much tension in the beginning of the year when plenty of spots are available, but near the end of the year when sophomores start getting their licenses, spaces are limited. Another difficult parking time during the year is finals week.  With each student following a different schedule and arriving at school at different times, the parking lot feels more filled-up than usual. It is during this already stressful time in the year that car accidents in the parking lot occur more frequently.  

As long as students abide by the rules of parking pass ownership and are honest, the parking lot can be kept safe and fair.