Trivia Night tests frivolous facts for critical cause

Quick! Here’s a question to prepare you for Trivia Night. What was the name of the cafeteria before it was named Querbes Hall? Whether or not you were able to answer correctly, it was named the Red Lion Room, you can enjoy more trivia at Justice League’s upcoming fundraiser.

Justice League will host its 5th annual Trivia Night in Querbes Hall on April 6 from 6-8 p.m. Proceeds will benefit Special Gifts Theater; students who are interested can form teams of 2-10 people and sign up during lunch periods the week prior to Trivia Night. Any student who attends can earn service hours or extra credit in religion, and the winning team receives prizes.

Although a trivia contest may seem daunting to some, Justice League reminds students that Trivia Night is a lighthearted event and they do not need to be masters of typical trivia topics to have a great time.

“It’s just a really fun night with your group of friends,” said senior Sarah McDermott, a member of Justice League’s core team. “There are silly questions and categories about teachers and social media.”

Senior Amalia Sordo-Palacios, fellow core Justice League member, agrees and notes the event’s uniqueness.

“[Trivia Night is] a really fun time because a big portion of the school gets together,” said Sordo-Palacios. “You usually don’t have these competitions across grades and with friend groups.”

“It brings out your competitive side,” added McDermott.

Large-scale competition is not the only aspect that makes Trivia Night one-of-a-kind.

“[Trivia Night] is 100 percent student-organized, and I love to see all the students getting involved,” said Blaise Russo, another senior on Justice League’s core team.

“It really empowers students to plan the event and to coordinate everything, from writing questions to asking for raffle donations,” said Campus Minister Ms. Amy Northrop, who has taken a background role and helps Justice League members by booking rooms and guiding them.

Trivia Night will not only be fun, but also help this year’s non-profit organization, Special Gifts Theater. This organization uses theater as a therapy for people with intellectual disabilities, which not only aids these individuals in gaining valuable skills and self confidence but also fights stereotypes about impairments.

Helping organizations like Special Gifts Theatre is a major part of Justice League.

“It’s a great way to educate people about different communities that need support,” said Ms. Northrop.

Senior and Justice League member Grace Castellese agrees.

“You learn new things about really important causes,” said Castellese.

This year, Justice League has already hosted Noodles and Company, which was a way to get to know more international students, Holocaust survivor Steen Metz, and a feminism discussion. It also plans to attend an upcoming performance by Special Gifts Theatre and a service outing.

As McDermott summed it up, whether you come for a good time or to help a great cause, Trivia Night will be “food, friends, fun, and service hours.”