DNA discovery foreshadows life

New structures lead to suspecting extra-terrestrial beings


Art by Mary Stauder

Tracing DNA has been a significant scientific advancement throughout history, and now DNA has evolved further and is on other planets. NASA has researched life beyond the Earth with DNA, and the possibility of a genetic system or molecular system on other planets is highly likely.

On earth, the DNA structure that is a double helix. There are four nucleotides—adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.  The colors of these are green, red, blue, and yellow respectively. Within the new DNA structure on other plants, there are eight nucleotides. They have the same nucleotides as on earth, but have a second double helix with new colors: cyan, pink, purple, and orange.

Laboratories at University of Texas and Indiana University Medical School along with DNA software have teamed up to work on a project called the Bennet’s Team. This group of scientists is working to discover and study this “alien” DNA. The new structure, “hachimoji” DNA, from the Japanese language, translates to “eight letter.”  This name has to do with the eight letters, or nucleotides, of the new DNA. It has all of the requirements that allows DNA information to be stored, transmitted, and advanced in living things.

“Living things in this world can help us study alien DNA which is new for human kind,” said freshmen Christine Chen.

With this new structure, not only will these scientists find new life, but they will be able to determine if the environment, like the one on Mars, has enough water, a thick enough atmosphere, moons, enough gravity, and enough oxygen for there to be living things. Science experiments and classes can be better with new DNA discovered.