MARINA learns ‘how to be a heartbreaker’ on ‘Love + Fear’


Art by Sarah McDermott

After her four-year hiatus from the music scene, singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis is releasing a new double album called Love + Fear, along with an international tour. Having been previously known as Marina and the Diamonds, she currently holds the stage name of MARINA. Love + Fear will debut on April 26 as the half-Welsh, half-Greek singer’s fourth studio album.

Diamandis’s fans have long awaited new music following her three previous albums, which includes Electra Heart, named after the merciless alter ego she created, in 2012 and Froot in 2015. Diamandis is known for having a wide vocal range and a close connection to her fans, to whom she referred to as Diamonds through her previous stage name. MARINA’s musical genre sways between pop and indie and focuses on topics such as love, mental health, self-expression, and various negatives and positives surrounding people and the world. A few prominent pop songs include “Lonely Hearts Club,” “Oh No!” and “Mowgli’s Road.” “Obsessions,” “Numb” and her new single “Handmade Heaven” encompass Diamandis’s alternative-style category. Memorable, striking, and poetic lyrics “I carry along a feel of unease, I want to belong like the birds in the trees” and “If you are not very careful, Your possessions will possess you.” MARINA has become famous for having an eccentric yet down-to-earth overall image through the combination of her lyrics, musical style, and fashion. Her songs move between uplifting dance and subdued, reflective music. She is said to share musical similarities with artists Lana Del Rey and Kate Bush. Along with her new single previously mentioned, MARINA has also released two additional songs called “Superstar” and “Baby” with Clean Bandit and Luis Fonsi that will be included on her new album. Love + Fear will feature sixteen new songs with eight songs on the Love portion and eight songs on the Fear portion. New songs on Love include “Orange Trees” and “End Of The Earth.” Unheard tracks on Fear include “Believe In Love” and “Soft To Be Strong.”

MARINA’s Love + Fear tour will premiere in Newcastle, England on April 29 and close on October 9 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The UK leg of the tour consists of six locations in England and Scotland in April and May; the North American leg of the tour spans eighteen cities in Canada and America in September and October. Diamandis will perform on September 23 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Follow Marina Diamandis on Twitter and Instagram where she interacts with fans and posts updates surrounding Love + Fear until its release on April 26!