PROMposing changes–dancing at Willis Tower

As prom season approaches, the senior student council and the faculty have started to prepare for the event on April 27. There have been a few changes made to prom this year with the most significant being the new location.

“We are having [prom] at the Metropolitan Club on the 66th floor of the Willis Tower,” said Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery, Director of Student Activities, “It is a beautiful location, and you can see three directions from the ballroom.”

The faculty is looking forward to the new location as well as the senior class.

“I feel that our class is most excited about going into the city for prom! The view from the Willis Tower will make it so fun!” said senior Mary Beth Hansen.

In addition to the new location, there is transportation to the dance provided by the school.

“We are going to bus everyone in coach buses because it’s the easiest way to get everyone downtown,” said Mrs. Lowery.

The convenience of having the students travel downtown together is for the security checkpoint to enter the Willis Tower. There are no updated prom policies on the school’s end, but due to the location, all students must go through security checkpoint for the building’s safety.

Similar to previous years, there is a post-prom, and this year the post prom will also be downtown at the Willis Tower.

“There will be one room for the traditional prom with dinner and dancing, and there will be another room for post prom with activities such as karaoke, giant jenga, and video games,” said Mrs. Lowery.

The majority of changes to prom is on the faculty’s end by scheduling the bus and organizing the events. The students have a similar scheduling process as to previous years.

“There hasn’t been any major changes to planning besides having to schedule a bus and no longer going to Pinstripes,” said Hansen. “We are still making invitations, creating a playlist, and making centerpieces.”