Burning questions March 2019


Grace Chang
Senior Kate Capra enjoys curly fries, one of the most popular fries varieties.

We all know that the cafeteria french fries are one of the most popular foods sold at lunch time. Up until this year, there was quite a variety of them: curly fries, garlic fries, standard-cut fries, crinkle-cut fries, steak fries, and the occasional waffle fries. However, as students went to the french fry counter this year to see what kind of fries were being sold, only one kind was on display — the standard-cut. Not only was the range of options lessened, but also a new seasoning is put on the fries now. The question we’re all wondering is, “Why?” We went straight to the source and asked one of the ladies who makes the food: Nakendra Currie. Though we were a bit disappointed to hear that it was just because the students like these fries better, we couldn’t help but wonder if that’s really the truth. What do you think? Is it because of student preference, or is there some deeper reasoning beyond even what the cafeteria workers know?



Olivia Marcinkus
Students take a dive into Mr. McGarry’s secret life.

Hey, what’s up Lions? Yes, welcome back to another Lion exclusive. Today we dive into the secret life of Mr. McGarry. When the beloved Theology teacher was a young five-year-old child of Christ, he went on a trip to Disney with his family. But while he was there, his dreams did not come true. Little McGarry went to a character breakfast, which featured Chip, Dale, and Pluto. During the breakfast he went to the bathroom with his dad and inside the bathroom little McGarry noticed that he had Chip and Dale underwear on. This realization led him to want to show the characters outside. But being the good Catholic child that he is, he asked for his dad’s opinion. Little McGarry’s father supported him, saying how he thought it was a great idea. The inspired little McGarry strutted out to the center of the breakfast area, dropped his pants, and pointed at his Chip and Dale underwear in front of the characters with an enthusiastic look on his face. Pluto covered his eyes and Chip was rolling around on the ground laughing. This magical impression McGarry made of being a fun and compassionate man is not just felt by the Disney characters but by the students he teaches.