#MeToo: looking back one year later

When most people hear the term #MeToo, they think of the last two years worth of scandals in Hollywood that includes men like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein. There have been even more sexual assault accusations regarding the director of the highly-acclaimed, Oscar nominated film, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

‘The director of the film, Bryan Singer, was allegedly accused of rape and sexual misconduct. The cast and crew of the movie became suspicious of his behavior from the very beginning. An article from VICE magazine that talks about Singer’s erratic behavior describes how “Malek, taking his seat in the makeup chair at 6:30 am, would find himself and other cast and crew waiting around for a director.” No one knows what Singer was up to. As well as having suspicious behavior, he was accused of sexual abusing a teenager on a yacht in 2003. Time’s Up, the organization that established the trending hashtag, says that they will investigate the attacks seriously. Other people think Singer did not actually sexually abuse anyone and they think everything is a hoax. The movie ended up getting nominated for five Oscars, including a Best Picture nomination.

The Academy didn’t seem to take note of the accusations and they kept the nomination. Just last year, The Academy incorporated a video that described what #MeToo movement was about. The movement has a profound effect on the Hollywood scene today. Because of this, more people are standing up against their assaulters. According to the National Institute of Justice, 85 to 90 percent of people know their abuser. In the entertainment industry, this is huge because most people get hurt by the people that are closest to them. There is an extensive history of domestic violence that needs to be talked about.

The #MeToo movement not only affected Hollywood, but it affected the whole world. It allowed people to speak their truths and it will continue to give women the courage they need to stand against the domestic violence. It continues to allow people to tell their stories. Despite this, sexual harassment will always be prevalent among women in Hollywood and women everywhere.
The sexual assault doesn’t have to be physical for it to be a part of the #MeToo movement, Back in July of 2018, James Gunn was accused of making rape and assault jokes on his twitter. The assault doesn’t have to be physical in order for it to affect people. Gunn’s case clearly shows that cyber abuse is just as severe as physical or sexual abuse.

The real question is, will the #MeToo movement still be prevalent in 2019? Many women have gained the confidence that they need to combat their abusers. Sexual abuse and assault has always been a problem ever since the Golden Age of Hollywood began. The issue will continue being talked about at awards ceremonies and other big events. Women in Hollywood have become more courageous and they have openly expressed their concerns. The more people address the issue, the more positive change will happen. The movement has taught us as a society that there is change that needs to take place. The more people remember this movement, the more change will happen in Hollywood.