ACT lowers self esteem, creates stress


Art by Victoria Gorny

I don’t believe that one test should be a big factor in how you continue your education because it can only test your ability to take a test. Kids spend many hours and dollars preparing for one test that is, in theory, the most important factor when applying to colleges. When practicing and preparing for the ACT most kids feel incompetent and inferior because of the intense testing.

The ACT is a standardized test that takes problems that the organization feels high school juniors should know, and if they don’t know them, kids feel stupid since they don’t know what is being asked. The pressure that is put on kids to do good on this test so that they can get into a good school is immense, and kids stress out a lot when they don’t know problems or when problems are to advanced for them. Kids can do so well in their studies and have an A average and a perfect GPA, but getting a low score on a standardized test means that they can’t get into the college of their dreams and that just isn’t fair.

Just the test alone sounds like a scam, but looking at the preparation is worse. A decent ACT tutor is anywhere from 30-50 dollars an hour and a very advanced tutor is anywhere from 80-120 dollars an hour, and most kids need a lot of time to prep for this exam. If someone is financially unable to afford prep then they will have to take the test with only their own knowledge and without any good preparation. 31% of kids believe that their stress has increased due to The ACT. Some kids struggle with certain subjects and excel in others, and the ACT score shows them and their colleges an overall score for each subject. The ACT is meant to have questions that kids wouldn’t know to show there “critical thinking”, and I don’t think this is fair because some kids some kids just can’t learn in that way.