Shutdown shakes up country


Art by Kayla Johnson

After a strenuous three week government shutdown, Washington is still trying to dig itself out of a hole. The effects of the shutdown could be felt throughout Washington D.C., leaving even the most experienced members of Congress scratching their heads. The mastermind behind the shutdown, President Trump, still does not have any funding for his proposed 5.5 billion dollar border wall on the southern border with Mexico. His idea to use of the government shutdown was a doomed attempt to get funding for his wall leaving the country in disarray.

Government shutdowns are not something new in Washington. To date there have been 13 government shutdowns. What makes the this recent government shutdown unique compared to those in the past is not only the longevity of it, but its disastrous effects. According to an article by ABC News, over 850 thousand government employees were furloughed during the shutdown including members of the Secret Service, the IRS, and even the Coast Guard. Furloughed workers, some of whom worked without pay, were left to fend for themselves without any sort income. Many workers resorted to going to food banks just to get basic necessities.

The shutdown also drastically affected the U.S. economy. Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said that the shutdown cut the U.S economic output by about 0.1 percent. This figure may not seem a lot, but that several billions of dollars in lost revenue for the government. During the shutdown in 2013, which was much shorter than the recent government shutdown, the quarterly gross domestic product or GDP decreased by over .30 of a percentage point. If the past tells us anything, it is very likely that the government shutdown will be a massive speed bump in the growth of the economy.

The recent government shutdown was a disaster for many Americans, and if Trump and the Democrats don’t find a compromise in the coming days another shutdown could be on the horizon.