Students express reactions to Querbes Hall

The start of the 2015 school year allowed students of Saint Viator their first interactions with the new Fr. Louis Querbes Dining Hall.

The long awaited unveiling of the dining hall came after a year’s worth of construction. The former Red Lion Room was demolished just after the 2013–2014 school year let out. Official construction of Querbes Hall was complete by August of 2015. Fr. Corey Brost, President, anticipated students’ positive reactions to the new dining hall and was not disappointed with the results.

Junior Jack Neubauer’s initial impression of the new dining facility reflects many students’ opinions.

“It’s very modern and matches well with the school,” he said.

Querbes Hall, a multi-million dollar renovation, features a state-of-the-art food court, charging stations along the walls and brand new circular tables. It is also connected to the McKenna Market Place, where students can drop by during their lunch periods to buy supplies and Viator apparel.

“After watching it slowly come together all throughout last year, I’m really happy with the results. It’s also convenient to have outlets all around the room where I can charge my iPad or my phone,” said senior Catherine Hafner.

The Red Lion Food Court offers an assortment of lunch specials, snacks and drinks that students can chose from. The food station was modeled after college campus cafeterias, adding a contemporary feel to the dining hall.

“I really like that there are more options in the food area,” said junior Claire Williams. “Having healthier alternatives adds a lot of variety.”

“The pre-packaged salads are definitely a plus,” said Hafner.

Students utilize the new cafeteria before and after school as a study space to work on group projects or finish homework. Querbes Hall is also used for club meetings and sports gatherings, where dividers are put in place to give privacy while still allowing students the use of the dining hall outside of them.

“The overall feeling is just more inclusive,” said Williams.