Merry ‘Grinch’-mas!

When most people think of Benedict Cumberbatch, they think of the man behind Dr. Strange and Sherlock Holmes. Maybe they think of the man who voiced Smaug in the movie, “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”. If anything, they think of a man with a really interesting name. This holiday season, Cumberbatch is taking on a new role. He voices the iconic Mr. Grinch in the newest rendition of this Christmas classic.

For most of his career, Cumberbatch starred in serious dramas. In 2015, he got nominated for an Oscar in “The Imitation Game”. A year later in 2016, his career took off with the creation of “Dr. Strange”. Being involved in “Dr. Seuss’s: The Grinch” will make him more well known to a younger audience, as most of his acting was done for adults and teens. Millions of people around the country have seen the movie. According to New York Times, the movie averaged around “$66 million in ticket sales.” The movies’ (and Cumberbatch’s) popularity boomed through having the voice of the Grinch in many well known commercials. There is even one of the minions from the movie “Despicable Me” watching the trailer for the movie!
“The Grinch” takes place in Dr. Seuss’ make believe world, but this time there is animation added. There have been many renditions of the movie throughout the generations. Some prefer the version starring Boris Karloff from 1966, while others like the most recent version, from 2012, starring Jim Carrey.

“I think Benedict Cumberbatch (does the best job as the Grinch) just because he has more experience with (acting) more emotions, especially during Infinity War, which is kind of a sad movie,” said sophomore Paige Klostermann. “Dr. Strange goes through a lot of emotions throughout the film. The Grinch goes through a lot of emotion towards the end, and that’s why I think he did the best job,” she adds. “I was laughing a lot throughout the movie.”

The story of the Grinch is an extremely well known and classic Christmas story that will indeed stand the test of time. It is interesting to see our favorite green grouch back on the big screen again.