Food reviews: New Americana

Art by Kayla Johnson

This issue, I will be delving into the question of where to go for American food. However, there are a plethora of restaurants which could qualify as American, so the first step in this process is to determine what will be eligible in this article.

The quintessential American food is the cheeseburger. Steakhouses are also a staple of the American restaurant experience but in this article we will only take a look at where to get the best burgers, which may lead us to look at restaurants that are not ‘American.’

Three restaurants which I have deemed worthy of recognition are Cortland’s Garage in Arlington Heights, Big Iron Horse in Barrington, and Kuma’s Corner in Schaumburg.
Cortland’s Garage, located in downtown Arlington Heights, right across from Harmony Park, offers decent burgers with television adorning all walls so you can watch the Cubs or Bears beat up opponents while enjoying your burger.

Big Iron Horse, which is located in Barrington, right across from Neoteca, which I recommended in the October Issue for pizza, is a small barbecue place which offers not only a stellar burger but also good ribs and beef brisket. Although it looks a bit like a hole in the wall, going in and grabbing a seat is a choice you will not regret following your meal.

The final burger joint which I am going to recommend is Kuma’s Corner, which is located across from Woodfield Mall and in the same parking lot as Nordstrom Rack. This restaurant plays heavy metal music, so if you want to go somewhere quiet, this is not the choice, but Kuma’s consistently puts out quality burgers, and their expansive menu gives you the opportunity to try burgers with toppings you would never think of.

Of course, in one article, it is impossible to completely encompass all the burger places which are good, and considering the burger is intrinsically American, wherever you go accurately gives you a taste of one of America’s delicacies.