New renovations await to enhance campus

While the campus has changed dramatically over time, future plans are also in progress. From major construction to minor changes, the administration has been carefully identifying the needs of students, faculty, and staff, and has already started to respond.

The front entrance, Cahill Gymnasium, the computer lab, and the counseling department will all experience changes in the next few years. Improving these spaces will better accommodate the school’s needs and prepare students for success.

Safety improvements are a current priority for the administration. A new accessory had even been added to students’ wardrobes this year.

“There will be changes to our front entrance and security personnel,” said Mr. Brian Liedlich, President. “Our faculty and staff have started wearing lanyards. The students will eventually start wearing lanyards too. We want to easily identify everyone that is here and ensure that they should be here.”

Few parts of the original building have been left untouched—except for much of Cahill Gymnasium.

“There will be a project to redo Cahill [Gymnasium],” said Mr. Liedlich. “The roof leaks. The floor is the original floor from 1961. You can only sand and refinish until there’s nothing left. The space is used for liturgies and graduation, other than just sporting events.”

The gym improvements will be a major construction project with equally widespread effects.

“[Cahill Gymnasium] should be improved for the coaches and student athlete’s better experience,” said Mr. Jason Kuffel, Athletic Director. “It will make it more comfortable for the coaches, student athletes, families, and alums.”

Practical needs will be addressed, but Mr. Kuffel dreams to create more spaces for athletes and teams.

“A new roof, skylights, and bleachers need to be replaced,” said Mr. Kuffel. “There is also a dream to create a collegiate style locker room, training room, coaches’ office, and a meeting room for teams to go to to watch their films and have team meetings.”

Along with improving athletic spaces, the computer lab (located in room 211) will be transformed into a collaborative, modern space similar to how the library was changed to the Academic Commons.

“As a school, one of our goals is to continue to look at where tradition and innovation meet,” said Mrs. Karen Love, Principal. “We are trying to reconfigure the computer lab to be more useful. Room 211 is undergoing the same kind of journey with the traditional library being brought into the twenty first century.”

Students who study in the computer lab agree that changes can improve the computer lab’s functionality.

“You have no space to work as a group,” said senior Skylar Kim. “There are too many computers and there’s no space left.”

“They should have computers with space in between for people to have room to work with someone,” said junior Anthony Tazouti.

The administration wants the computer lab to model current offices, thus helping students gain communication and teamwork skills.

“We can have mobile furniture like that of Google, Facebook, and modern workplaces to encourage problems solving and working collaboratively in a classroom,” said Mrs. Love.

The counseling office is another space that the administration has identified for crucial updates. The proposed changes include incorporating the college counseling office into the main counseling office and soundproofing the counseling rooms. This project is still in the early brainstorming phases.

“Including the college counselor with the rest of the counselors and counselor assistant will allow us to be more efficient,” said Mrs. Kelly Dutmers, College Counselor. “We want to have more spaces to do programming. We would like to be able to run groups or mini college application workshops without having to borrow classroom space, which is sometimes not available.”

The administration has identified many important updates, yet these changes are inspired by an innovative mindset. Part of the process is dreaming about what the building might be and how the community might improve as a result.

“We need to realize that change is good,” said Mrs. Love. “Things have to change. We need to prepare for that future where we are not sure what technology will be used. We do not need to do the same old, same old.”