Mueller investigation remains roadblock for political harmony


Art by Kayla Johnson

Politics in America have been chaotic in recent years. The back and forth between President Trump and prominent Democrats have dominated headlines ever since his 2016 election. With tensions already high, one thing in particular, the Mueller probe, may cause tensions to boil over . Robert Mueller was appointed by the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be a special prosecutor and lead the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Republicans charge that the investigation has become a partisan effort to hurt Trump by linking his campaign to the Kremlin. Mueller has charged several Russians for conspiracy and identity theft. However, the bulk of the investigation seems to focus on President Trump’s inner circle. Several of these people have been charged with crimes having nothing to do with Russian collusion. For example, Paul Manafort, the former chairman of the Trump campaign, was charged with eight counts of financial fraud. In a recent press conference, President Trump denounced this investigation as a “politically motivated witch hunt.” In fact, he charged that the initial investigation started by the Obama Administration was based on unverified allegations.

President Trump is right in questioning the motives behind the special counsel investigation. Key members of the Justice Department ignored their oath and legal obligations to use their positions to attack conservatives. In Washington, there is a double standard. Liberals like Hillary Clinton are able to get away with significant crimes such as using an unsecured personal server to conduct top secret government business. In contrast, conservatives are attacked by their own government institutions and supported by the largely liberal media. Many ask why the government is not fair. Well the“deep state” ideology, as many hard-line conservatives call it, is just a radical far left notion bent on destroying the idea of a fair and balanced government. The founding fathers believed that the government should be fair and impartial to all parties involved. Our founders’ vision for our great country is diminished every time political bias is the driving force in legal matters. The Mueller investigation is a prime example.

With the Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives in January of next year, investigations aimed towards conservative figures will only increase. Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi admitted that they will use investigations as a way to hurt the president. Is this the way we want our leaders to behave? Will there ever be a time of political harmony in America?