Justice upheld in Supreme Court nomination

Conservative Kavanaugh’s confirmation almost shut down by evidence-lacking claims


Art by Kayla Johnson

Justice and liberty are the core principles that America was founded on. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, upholds these values as mentioned in the Constitution. There are 9 justices on the Supreme Court with new judges being appointed by the President, then approved by the Senate. During the his presidency, Donald Trump had two opportunities to nominate justices to the court.  Back in April of 2017, the President nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch. His nomination narrowly passed the Republican-held Senate. Much more recently, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh created an enormous amount of controversy. Multiple women accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, which purportedly occurred decades ago when Kavanaugh was high school and college. Democrats, most notably Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey and Diane Feinstein from California, demanded a full investigation into these allegations that could have lasted into the November midterms.

Democrats were almost always opposed to several recent prepositions and the nomination of Kavanaugh is one instance of this.  During the hearing process of Kavanaugh, Democrats repeatedly attacked him on all fronts. They criticized his conservative philosophy and mocked his lifestyle. Besides all the attacks aimed at Kavanaugh, the foucs of this nomination was the accusations of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a serious problem that all Americans should strongly oppose. However, Kavanaugh’s accusers all failed to present any collaborating evidence.  This included Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who testified at a hearing saying that Kavanaugh groped her nearly 40 years ago. However, she could not recall key facts, such as how she got to the party or got home. Ford named four people that were present in the house. Yet all four denied such a party took place, including Ford’s good friend.

Despite the lack of any verified evidence and a week long FBI investigation, Democrats still called additional investigations. This was simply a ploy to carry on the process until the midterms when the Democrats have a chance in gaining a majority. The Democrats are really good at one thing and that is stalling. Kavanaugh was a well-liked judge in the District of Columbia Circuit Court, and he deserved the presumption of innocence. Uncorroborated allegations should never be the basis to destroy a person’s life. Luckily for Kavanaugh and our country, the smear campaign was unsuccessful and he was approved on a 50-48 vote. With all partisan fighting in Congress, America really needs representatives that work for the people and support the Constitution.