Hello my name is Mrs. Mroz

Photo by Olivia Dorshorst
Mrs. Mroz helps a biology student.

If any student needs to not only understand how life functions but also program an app to demonstrate it, freshman biology and Mobile Apps I teacher Mrs. Rachel Mroz is the right person to look to.

When she graduated from Trinity High School and the University of Illinois, Mrs. Mroz planned to attend medical school. But after working in research and deciding she did not actually want to become a doctor, she earned her master’s degree from Dominican University and worked at Trinity High School for seven years before applying at Saint Viator.

Mrs. Mroz decided to apply not only because her husband is an alumnus but also due to Viator’s positive reputation.

“Saint Viator is known for being on the forefront of a lot of things,” Mrs. Mroz said.

One unique aspect Mrs. Mroz has experienced is the 1:1 iPad program. Since she has never taught using an iPad before, she explored different capabilities and found ways to enhance students’ learning.

“She connects her notes to the Smartboard so we can all see what she’s writing on the notes,” said freshman Celia Carnel.

Mrs. Mroz originally applied to be a chemistry teacher, but she ended up teaching biology.

“As much as teaching can sometimes be difficult, I really do love teaching freshmen,” said Mrs. Mroz. “It’s their first experience in science in high school, and I want to give them a positive one.”

One reason Mrs. Mroz enjoys teaching science and technology is that she can watch students understand how information relates to the world around them.

“I absolutely love it when students get that ‘a-ha’ moment,” she said. “Maybe they’re working in Mobile Apps on their final project, or they’re in biology and working on their test or lab, and all of a sudden they can make a connection to something, and they start to have a better experience.”

Students appreciate Mrs. Mroz’s passion for teaching.

“She cares about students’ grades and academics,” said freshman Kyle Wallisch.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Mroz is a leader of the STEM program, which requires students to complete several rigorous science and math courses and a number of other STEM-related experiences in order to get a special designation on their transcripts.

Mrs. Mroz wants students to see how science, technology, engineering, and math can apply to any career they choose.

“I hope that they get a better idea that some aspect of STEM is involved in everything they do,” she said.

When Mrs. Mroz is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her almost two-year-old daughter, running with her husband, watching the Cubs, and practing calligraphy. Without a doubt, Mrs. Mroz can describe the parallels between her varied interests and her passion for STEM topics.