Enhanced post surgery recovery enhances sports


Kate Capra

Gina works a sophomore recovering from an injury.

Ouch! When someone is injured, it takes a long time to heal, regardless of the injury.  However, hospitals recently been researching Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) to decrease the recovery time needed.  ERAS helps people both financially and physically. Accidents happen, so having the process and surgery faster, people can get back to work.  By doing surgeries with an ERAS, it can reduce 30% to 50% of the time of staying at the hospital for both recovery and surgery.

“Recovering is good for the body because the damaged tissues get stronger after recovery. It is important to wait until the injury is recovered before going back to daily routines,” said freshman Abigail Varvara.  

Once patients are released from the hospital, rest is required, but not as much time as before.  The surgery is better than before because it helps patients save money, the recovery is quicker, and the surgery is quicker as well, which can help parents get back to their duties.  Students can return to school faster and not miss their schoolwork. The surgeries are quicker, so patients do not have to wait for so much time to get an appointment and the anesthesia will harm the patients less than before.  Also, people need to wait less for the surgeries, and there can be more surgeries in one day. The patients’ surgeries are now less invasive causing less harm to the patient than surgeries performed before ERAS.

“When I was a child I had a pelvis disease, so I had to have surgery for that, and I had a full body cast. I had to learn how to walk again,” said Mr. Andrew Weber, a history teacher at Saint Viator “When I was younger, that would have helped to get me recover and get to walk faster.”  

Sports players at school can worry less about getting to participate in sports and class activities like normal. Now that there is more technology, human bodies can recover faster and get back to how they were.