Retro renaissance

There is no doubt about the fact that there is a retro renaissance occurring in today’s fashion and trends. This renaissance is occurring especially in the music world. More and more artists are putting their music on vinyl records.
One of the fastest rising trends is vinyl. Back in the day, buying a vinyl record was one of the only ways listening to music was possible. Today, Spotify is a main music platform for most young people. Although, an abounding amount of trendy young people have been buying vinyls instead of listening to music on a platform like Spotify. A company called Tunecore states that “sales have jumped more than 1,000 percent, climbing shy of 1 million units in 2007.” People have always loved vinyl, but there has been a major increase in vinyl sales in 2018. According to Nielsen Music, “more than 7.6 million vinyls have been sold across the country in the first half of 2018 alone.” Nielsen also says that “18% of all physical album sales are vinyl records.”
Vinyls are so popular because people enjoy the uniqueness of the sound. Many people think the occasional crackling sound that come from the record is nostalgic. Mrs. Lanus, head of the testing center says, “I think vinyl has made a comeback because our children have listened to our old records and they realized how alive and real the music sounds.” She adds on, “Plus, vinyl gently forces you to listen to an entire album and not just one song.” Listening to a whole entire album can allow you to learn more about the artist as well. Many records have little blurbs of information written in them about the artist. Another fascinating thing about records is that many of them come with authentic posters with people’s favorite artists on them.
Having vinyl records is a blast from the past that allows someone to appreciate the charm of retro things. Vinyl records allow you to listen to an invention that has been around for decades, yet it can still seem brand new, depending on the music that is on the record. Vinyl never goes out of style!