Fall Out Boy takes a trip down memory lane

Art by Kayla Johnson
Fall Out Boy recounts their journey.

Chicago is so two years ago. Or at least, that’s what was presumed. Seventeen years ago in a North Shore suburb, Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman had an idea. They yearned to create a new sound that honored their love for Chicago’s “punk scene”. Soon after, Patrick Stump and Andy Hurley joined the band and thus, Fall Out Boy was founded.

The name Fall Out Boy is actually a Simpsons reference that alludes to Radioactive Man’s sidekick, Fallout Boy. The band originally didn’t know about the reference since they received the name by a fan at their second ever show and decided to keep it.

While only two members were born in Illinois, all four were raised and based in Chicago. Wentz spent his time in an apartment across from a hot dog restaurant when he co-wrote “Grand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy” with Stump. While the boys prefer to be called a rock band, media has stuck to dubbing them as a “pop-punk” band even though certain songs had heavy influence from artists such as David Bowie, Danny Elfman, Prince, and Elvis. Movies, TVshows, and music from their childhoods all influenced their styles of writing and playing. The band is also a huge fan of movies and have even named songs after their favorite quotes and scenes like “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More ‘Touch Me’”, which references both Sixteen Candles and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

On Saturday September 8th, Fall Out Boy performed at Wrigley Field. Not only were they ecstatic about playing in the stadium that they had passed by and been to hundreds of times, but they wanted to make this show special. Two weeks prior, they released an EP by the name of Lake Effect Kid as the ultimate tribute to the city they call home. All three songs feature Chicago specialties, references, and gratitude. Throughout the Saturday performance, the members showed much appreciation.

“I still can’t believe we’ve made it this far” said Wentz as well. In order to make this performance like no other, the band popped out with “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago” which was truly a starting point to them. Stump even admitted to holding this song very close to his heart.