Student council doesn’t let wild scheduling derail homecoming week

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Student council doesn’t let wild scheduling derail homecoming week

The theme for Homecoming is wild west, with a dress-up day on Thursday.

The theme for Homecoming is wild west, with a dress-up day on Thursday.

Art by Sarah McDermott

The theme for Homecoming is wild west, with a dress-up day on Thursday.

Art by Sarah McDermott

Art by Sarah McDermott

The theme for Homecoming is wild west, with a dress-up day on Thursday.

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What do you think your student council representatives do in the spring before school gets out? Relax? Slack off? Pack their suitcases? Actually, students are voting months ahead of time on Homecoming themes and selecting decorations for the dance.

Lions Go Wild West Homecoming Week begins Tuesday, October 9, with the pep rally on Friday, October 12. Throughout the week, students will be able to wear their Homecoming t-shirts, and Thursday is the Wild West dress up day. The Giddyup Get Down Homecoming Dance will be on Saturday, October 13 at 8 p.m.

While the dance is quickly approaching, the large-scale dance decorations have been set since the end of last year.

“In June, the ICC and Mrs. Francis went to Meetinghouse where they have decorations for any theme you can think of. We selected decorations and sets to correspond to the Western theme,” said Maura Hogaboom, senior and ICC Co-President.

In the weeks leading up to Homecoming, the student council focused on planning the details of Homecoming Week.

“We have had one all-council meeting before school. There also were six meetings prior to the dance when the grades worked on their decorations, homeroom or lunchtime activities they’ll run, and the dance,” said Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery, Director of Student Activities.

According to student council moderators and leaders, planning Homecoming is a time-consuming yet exciting process. However, all the hard work will be worthwhile when students come in Tuesday morning and admire the Homecoming decorations.

“Students might not know that student council representatives take time in homeroom to cut out all the things that go on the wall,” said Mrs. Ann Perez, theology teacher and senior class council moderator. “The class banners at the assembly are done by the student council members at their homes on their own time.”

The rest of the decorations are divided up by class, and each class is assigned a hallway to decorate.

“The seniors decorate the entranceway. The freshmen and sophomores decorate the hallway to Querbes Hall. The juniors decorate the fishbowl,” said Hogaboom.
Every year, the planning is similar; however, the days off during Homecoming Week have been an obstacle to work around.

“We are combining the Homecoming pep rally where we do the coronation and fall sports presentations with the games day pep rally,” said Hogaboom.
This year, students can expect twice the fun packed into one pep rally.

“It had to have element of competition and school spirit,” said Mrs. Lowery about the combined pep rally. “I think it is important for students to know that their peers on student council have been working with me to deal with some of the frustrations with this year’s Homecoming. The students have been proactive in defending what is fun for their fellow lions.”

The Director of Student Activities is also in charge of making sure the Homecoming themes vary from year to year.

“The Homecoming theme is chosen by a vote of all of the student council members. Mrs. Francis had a running list of themes from Homecoming and Winter Ball. She tried to make sure no theme was repeated through a student’s time here. It’s at least a 5 year cycle,” said Mrs. Perez.

The western theme differs from previous themes, making the student activities this year new and exciting.

“This year I’m really excited about Homecoming because it’s honestly the best time of the year,” said Kevin Wilhite, senior and Class of 2019 President. “I love walking around and seeing everyone get so excited about being at Viator and making the community so high-energy. I think the country-western theme will be really fun because it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the week!”

As this is the senior council members’ last Homecoming, they have really tried to make the week special.

“I’m most excited for all of homecoming week, the decorations, the class camaraderie, and the great memories we will have when we are in college or older,” said Hogaboom.

Teachers have also seen the student’s motivation and hard work throughout the Homecoming preparation.

“The students on student council really want it to be a fun week for the school, so they are trying to do things and plan things to engage the school and help with the spirit of the week,” said Mrs. Perez.

The dance tickets were already on sale. Students can check with Mrs. Lowery in her office in the Commons to see if they are still available.

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