Freshmen learn value of service from early on

The freshman Class of 2022 recently experienced the Freshman Day of Prayer and Service on September 19 at Feed My Starving Children to learn about the significance of service and to make a difference together.

“The idea is to help bring in freshmen to the culture and life of Saint Viator,” said Mr. Bart Hisgen, Campus Minister. The Freshman Day of Prayer and Service teaches freshmen about the morals of Saint Viator High School and the importance of helping others. The freshmen class is able to witness the effects of service on others’ lives while packing food for countries in poverty.

“I think that incoming students having an opportunity to engage in service is beneficial because it breaks down barriers and shows in a concrete way how students can get involved in society,” said Mr. Hisgen. The Freshman Day of Service provides a service event for students to enjoy with their fellow classmates. This shows freshmen how it is important to work together and to get involved in the community through volunteering. The Day of Service also provides an opportunity to meet new classmates.

“I enjoyed helping those in need,” said sophomore Caitlin Saso about her experience last year. “The Freshman Day of Service helps young people to know God and understand what is going on in the world.” Through helping children around the world, freshmen can observe God as people come together to make a difference. God is clearly shown in all the volunteers at Feed My Starving Children, how much food that can be packed, and the food arriving safely to the children in need 99% of the time.

“Service is important to teach how to care for others,” said Gabby Gozdecki, sophomore. “The freshmen get started and excited for service as a class.” The Freshman Day of Prayer and Service introduces the value of service to new freshmen as they work together to reach a goal of helping those in need.