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Say Hello to Mr. Field

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Say Hello to Mr. Field

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There is a class that is bigger than any other in the school, yet none of the students are in that class.

“Just like the teachers in the classrooms—who work with their students—I work with the teachers. My job is to learn with the teachers and help them continue to grow. My classroom is probably much bigger,” said Mr. Michael Field.

Mr. Field, the new assistant principal, revealed his favorite role within the school community. He was inspired by the assistant principal from (remove “from”) where he used to teach social studies. After witnessing the huge positive impact that this person had on the student and faculty body, Mr. Field decided that this role interested him.

“So the role itself was really appealing me, but being in a faith-based high school was an A-plus. Everyone seems to be very genuinely interested in you as a person,” said Mr. Field.

When there is a faith-based community, Mr. Field realizes, there is a stronger family network and feeling. People connect on a deeper level than just academically. He hopes to learn with this family.

In his years teaching social studies, he found that psychology particularly fulfills this purpose. This subject, he feels, contains many experiments and activities that are really relatable to students. He would ask his students questions, let them navigate their paths, and help them discover their learnings.

 “I hope that he can have a harmonious relationship with us, and we can all have a good time, especially in lunch periods,” said sophomore Ji Min Yu.

When he is not in the principal’s office, he can be found playing in a men’s’ hockey league and dining with his family at different restaurants. He might also coach his two daughters soccer during his free time.

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Say Hello to Mr. Field