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Hello my name is…Mrs. Lowery

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Hello my name is…Mrs. Lowery

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From mentoring in the LINK leader program to helping student council plan Homecoming, Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery is quickly adjusting to school culture, and she is excited to be the director of student activities.

Mrs. Lowery grew up in Lisle and attended Benet Academy, Boston College, and New York University. She spent a year teaching English in Germany. Eventually, she returned to the Midwest and decided to focus on coordinating student activities instead of teaching.

She began her role in June, but her love for working in schools began much earlier.

“I do not remember a time when I did not want to work in a school,” said Mrs. Lowery. “When I started teaching, I got bored of teaching how to conjugate verbs and teaching the same thing over and over again. I started to look at running a cultural exchange program or providing education in emergency situations. I discovered this role, and everyday is exciting.”

Mrs. Lowery helps to create a positive environment at school by working with LINK Crew.

“I was impressed by the LINK program,” Mrs. Lowery said. “The seriousness with which the junior and senior leaders took the program and their responsibility on the day of Orientation was one of those moments I was very proud of as an educator. The program itself is a little silly, which is important to helping break down barriers for freshmen. I felt that the freshmen at the end of the day felt comfortable in our building and that is amazing.”

LINK leaders who met Mrs. Lowery at LINK leader training or Orientation feel that she is an excellent addition to the program.

“She’s easy to talk to, and she seems to have adapted easily to Viator,” said Justin Fernandez, junior LINK leader.

Mrs. Lowery also appreciates the sense of community and prayer-filled environment she has seen at school.

“Being a teenager is hard, at times you have to believe that God has a plan for you,” said Mrs. Lowery. “Catholic schools create an environment where everyone is a little more connected with their faith and to each other.”

Through student activities, Mrs. Lowery hopes to make sure all students feel welcome.

“I think my role is very important because I am responsible for making sure we have a positive culture and school spirit that students can identify with and feel like they are a part of the Saint Viator community. After-school activities that are not sports are very important to students’ futures.”

While Mrs. Lowery has not been here long, students are already feeling her impact.

“I love that she is taking her time to get to know all the students, making each person feel special and welcomed to Viator! Hopefully, we can do the same for her!” said junior Michelle Cecchin.

Mrs. Lowery also feels that listening is an important part of her job.

“Listening to students, faculty, and administration and respecting the history and traditions of Saint Viator are important. I make sure I am meeting students’ needs and that everyone feels heard when we move forward with something,” said Lowery.

Even though student council is just starting, Mrs. Lowery has already been attending meetings and working with students.

“I am very excited,” said Mrs. Lowery. “My goals for student government are to build a good pathway between the student body and administration. The student councils for each grade have to work together as well as separate to represent their grades.”

In addition to attending student events, Mrs. Lowery advises the Class of 2022 to get fully involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities.

“I would encourage all freshmen to attend as many school sponsored events as possible. Being around your peers creates a connection that a cell phone will never allow you to have. I don’t think freshman should dive into every club right away. They should get their adjustment to school and classes down first. Towards November, they should start exploring all clubs and then later committing to clubs,” said Lowery.

However, her advice applies to students of all grades as well.

“I would encourage all student to find real time to devote to their clubs. If they saw clubs as not just something to put on a college application and devoted time to their clubs, they would learn more. This knowledge could help them to lead a club or stay involved in college. Thirty minutes here or there does not make you a good club members. Spending more time will pay off in college and in life.”


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Hello my name is…Mrs. Lowery