Investment club makes cents for students’ futures

Those interested in finance have new co-curricular opportunity to learn more in field

Art by Joanne Jun


Art by Joanne Jun

The Investment  Club is a new club for students interested in business, making money and the stock market. The club was started by juniors Will Riley and Nick McCaulley and is moderated by Mr. James Williams.

“We were both really interested in how the stock market works, how to make money, the basics of how a lot of those things happen and how everything is connected,” said Riley. He and McCaulley both plan to be involved with business in the future.

“For college, we’re both definitely going to do something in the business world, so for us it made sense to start showing signs of business leadership in high school” said Riley. “We have a passion in this area, we want to help others and we want to help make a difference in the school and hopefully create something that lasts after we graduate.”

Riley said the purpose of the club is to show club members the basics of the stock market, encourage club members to compete with each other through a simulated league. It helps create interest in business from students at a young age and is “basically like fantasy football, but with money.”

“If we can get some of these kids interested at an early age in this field, maybe it can help them pick what they want to do in college and it can open up other areas that they never knew about,” said Riley.

“This group might be the next financial planners out there,” said Mr. Williams.

Investment and managing money well are important for everyone, no matter what their career path.

“No matter what we do in college, we’re all going to have a job one day and we’ll all make money and most adults go to someone to help them manage their money,” Riley said. “We feel that the more you know about how things work and the more you can start to manage your own money the  better.”