All about that bass (fishing)

Students eager to join revived angling club, hope to compete



Art by Skylar Kim

Some students have found a unique activity to give them a break from both the daily stresses of schoolwork and the usual dependence on phones and social media—fishing .

Sophomores Nick DeMunno and Will Christy recently formed the new bass fishing club with some of their friends. They want to have fun, but also compete eventually.

DeMunno said he has enjoyed the hobby since he was very young.

“I grew up loving fishing,” said DeMunno. “I fished with my dad, and as I grew older, I got to know more friends that fished.”

So far, the club has about 30 members and meets during activity periods, as well as a few meetings before school.

The bass fishing club is planning its first outing in the spring, on a part of the Chain O’Lakes that the Viatorians used to own.

Adult moderator Br. Peter Lamick, C.S.V., said that  right now, they are mainly focused on forming the group.

“We’re currently talking about how we want to structure leadership and roles and responsibilities  but also our vision for the club,” said Br. Lamick.

DeMunno hopes the bass fishing club will not remain merely a club.

“I hope that it will grow to a big enough extent that we could have a full-on team next year, with a big group of kids,” said DeMunno.

While Br. Lamick agrees with this goal, he also said that he wants to keep the friendly, fun aspect of fishing.

Br. Lamick  said that the bass fishing club is open to all students who want to enjoy being in nature, relaxing and stepping away from responsibilities.

However, fishing can teach students skills apart from the techniques of fishing, including patience.

“The sport itself is all about keeping your cool when you wait for the fish, when the fish bites and finally when you reel it in,” said club member and freshman Gaetano Console.

The bass fishing club may be new for current students, but there was a competitive fishing team several years ago.

Br. Lamick said t hat some of those students went on to study fishing in college and become nationally-known bass fishermen. Jonathan Barzacchini ‘14 now has a YouTube channel dedicated to his global fishing adventures, which has over 750,000 subscribers.

While some teens may assume fishing is a boring hobby meant for older people, it can be the focus of an exciting and educational club.