In pod we trust


Art by Katya Boskovic

The average teenager listens to 4 hours of music daily. An aspect of listening material many teens ignore are podcasts, a huge reason for this being that many teens don’t know what they are. Podcasts aren’t really similar to anything else, but lots of different categories of listening material are similar to them

In recent years, the podcast has developed different categories, such as finances, advice, knowledge, sports, comedy, news and politics. Podcasts gained popularity due to the fact that the listener could filter out what topics they wanted to listen to, reaching out to specific audiences.

Podcasts have a leg up on regular broadcasting radio because of their specificity, as well as the fact that they are available on-demand. The listener could pick one that appeals to them and listen to it wherever, whenever. Podcasts have become a way to gain knowledge, get advice, or be entertained on the go. Despite their attractiveness, many teenagers don’t listen to them. Music is a much more prevalent portable entertainment source among teens, however many teens don’t even know podcasts exist.

Teenagers, and people in general, have so much to learn from podcasts. Money wise, an amazing podcast is one by Dave Ramsey, called “The Dave Ramsey Show”. It’s the sixth most listened to radio program in the U.S., and for good reason. Dave Ramsey, financially, went from being a young millionaire to losing it all to credit cards and the world of money. Miraculously, he was able to build himself back up to millionaire status, and uses his podcast to help others do the same. Common topics on his show relate to budgeting, credit cards, taxes and debt. While this may seem more appealing to an adult, teens can learn a lot about budgeting their money and spending right so that they, to, can become wealthy at a young age. Benefits aside, Ramsey is an incredibly lively host who has people on the show that are relatable to many, and show them that they’re not struggling alone.

Another podcast that was on the charts for 2017 was “30 for 30”, the acclaimed documentary podcast put forth by ESPN. It covers some of the most interesting sports moments as well as some of the most fascinating sporting events, such as the Chicago Cubs’ purchase by the Tribune Company, the birth of UFC, and the elaborate scheme pulled off by Phil Ivey. 30 for 30 is unique because it doesn’t just cover recent sporting events, but also delves into stories from the past. It’s a must-listen for the true sports fanatic, whether a couch potato or active athlete.

And finally, “Criminal Minds” and horror fans alike-make sure to give the storytelling podcast, “Dirty John”, a listen. A murder mystery, beginning with a dead body then uncovering the many deceits of a con-man, peeks into the lives of those affected by his actions. Not only a murder mystery, Dirty John shows how a fractured family can begin to put themselves back together.

In short, teens, as well as people in general, have a lot to gain by listening to podcasts. Not only the knowledge that comes with the sports podcasts, but perspective to grow into an aware and intelligent adult, shown in the financial advice podcasts. Podcasts are fueling a brighter and more informed world- one that teens and adults alike should take the opportunity to be a part of.