Hello, my name is Coach Nadolna


New strength and conditioning Coach Alex Nadolna can be found daily in the athletic office and weight room. Photo by Anthony Novak

This semester, student-athletes welcomed Coach Alex Nadolna, the new strength and conditioning coach. Coach Nadolna was previously the assistant strength and conditioning director at New Trier High School and an intern at Loyola University Chicago, where he found his love for the job. He believes that strength and conditioning and his love for athletics has had a positive influence on his life. His desire to positively impact the lives of young people makes being a strength and conditioning coach a positive and worthwhile experience.

“I really enjoy coming to work every day, and I’m really lucky. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else and I look forward to all the challenges it brings,” said Coach Nadolna. “You’re working with kids who will have a real influence in the world. Helping them become bigger and stronger and helping them achieve what they want to achieve in their sport is rewarding for them and rewarding for me.”

Coach Nadolna found that participating in strength and conditioning involves much more than just becoming a better athlete.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to help these young men and women grow and mature, and we need to teach them character and goal setting and how to be a good teammate and person,” said Coach Nadolna.

Coach Nadolna is passionate about helping students grow not only as athletes but also as people. He works for a non-profit called the Good Athlete Project.

“We help students realize their potential through athletics because we believe it is the most powerful learning platform that exists,” said Coach Nadolna.

Coach Nadolna believes hard work, consistency and a positive attitude are some of the most important values for athletes to have.

“Regardless of your talent or ability level, if you come in with a positive attitude and are willing to put in work, you’ll achieve things that you maybe never thought were possible at first,” said Coach Nadolna.