World of wrestling

Take a look at the world's oldest sport


Freshman Gaetano Console wrestles in the Saint Patrick's tournament. Photo by Matteo Azari

Despite the roaring of the crowd the wrestlers are only focused on each other. One wrestler lunges toward the other and his shoulders slam on the mat. The roaring grows louder as the wrestler looks up and smiles at his victory. A sport often overlooked, wrestling is full of pure endurance, strategy and strength.

Wrestling consists of two players whose goal is to pin each other so their opponent’s shoulder blades touch the mat. Each individual wrestler has a different goal or type of pin they aim to use. While this might seem to be extremely difficult, points are also rewarded for separate tactics such as a take down, stand or reversal. Another move, called a cradle, is a strategic tackle where the wrestler holds the opponents legs.

There are three rounds per wrestling match, with two minutes per round in total. The time varies depending on how fast a pin takes place. There are multiple different attacks for arms or legs; for example, there is the double leg takedown or the single leg sweep, and for upper body, there is the front headlock.

Another integral aspect of wrestling is defense. Wrestlers need to know not only how to pin their opponent down, but also how to withstand the blows that will be sent their way. They engage in defense through moves called downblocks and sprawls.

The Viator wrestling team works hard to ensure they are ready for the challenges their matches may hold. They run long distance sprints, and also perform numerous pull-ups and push-ups. All of their hard work pays off once they see the great result in matches.

“We do live wrestling at the end of every practice for a set amount of time,” said senior Jacob Wolf. “This is full-go non-stop. Also, the team will do sprints and certain muscular workouts to ensure there is no other team more physically sound than us”.

The constant work the wrestlers have put in to improve their skills has been successful throughout this winter season. For some players such as Wolf, they started wrestling at the start of their high school career. Due to his hard work, Wolf received an honorable mention for IWCOA Illinois Wrestling, and he is looking forward to his second consecutive conference championship. However, there have been some setbacks for the wrestling team this year as well.  

“I dislocated my knee cap earlier in the year and had to overcome full leg casts and physical therapy,” says freshman Scott Scheidecker. “As a team, we’ve suffered many injuries and illnesses.”

The Viator wrestling team has had a tough season due to multiple injuries and illnesses, but they’re hoping to end the season on a positive note through playoffs.

“I want to start by winning conference,” said Scheidecker.

Although they are facing various difficulties, the team is ready to condition and engage in individual technical drills so they can do well in conference.

Through it all, the wrestling team sticks together. They have multiple traditions that exemplifies their tight knit team.

“Every time we go downtown for a tournament we go to restaurants as a team,” says freshman Gaetano Console. “Basically, we’re a brotherhood.”

Wrestling is a sport that requires strength, endurance, speed, strategy, patience, and a strong mentality. Injuries are common, yet wrestlers persevere through any challenges thrown their way. Wrestlers have a high pain tolerance and need to be in incredible shape in order to last the entire match at the highest level of intensity possible. No matter how the wrestling season plays out this year, the wrestlers are athletes on and off the mat.