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Senior seeks Naval Academy acceptance

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November 11 is dedicated to thousands of veterans—those who sacrificed their youths for the country. Now what made these men to give up their comfortable lives at home and pick up their rifle-guns at the frontier? The answer may lie within our school.

“I just can’t imagine myself doing a normal job,” said senior David Petrovich. With the desire to be a part of something bigger than himself, Petrovich aspires to be naval aviator and plans on applying to the Naval Academy. When asked what first inspired him to have this vision, his reply was “the need to do something of importance for the country.”

Although David’s grandparents served in WWII, no one in his immediate family has ever enlisted in the Navy. David, as a result, will be the first in his family. However, behind this exciting recognition, military life is going to be tremendously different from high school, reflecting a change in lifestyle. Being away from home, wearing a monotonous uniform and abiding by strict behavioral disciplines are some of the biggest challenges that David thinks he will face in the future.

“If I get in, it will be very challenging, not comfortable,” said Petrovich. “It will be difficult physically, mentally and emotionally.”

But aside from the difficulties, there are also hopes—ones that inspired the veterans to hold on—buried under the potential dangers.

“I think it would really give you a sense of belonging and purpose” said Petrovich, “when working together towards a common goal.”


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Senior seeks Naval Academy acceptance