Fans prepare for new Star Wars

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” the first Star Wars movie was created and directed by George Lucas. These trilogies have become extremely popular and are known and loved by many. “Star Wars” fans are looking forward to “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” which will be in theaters on Friday, December 15.

“Numbers two and three came out when I was in middle school so I very much remember hearing on the news about people camping out at theaters,” said Mr. Daniel Walls, choir director and math teacher.

In the past, Star Wars fans have been very excited about new movie releases. These films attract viewers of all ages and most would agree that the Star Wars movies are great to watch with friends and family.

“My uncle, grandpa and I have seen the past few movies on opening day,” says freshman Jack McDevitt. In watching these movies, everyone has a different part they enjoy. “My favorite part is the action and fighting scenes,” said McDevitt.

“I watch Star Wars with my brother…we enjoy the action and adventure from an alternate universe,” said freshman Jill Doherty. Many agree that the battles and conflicts engage the viewer most. Although it may seem repetitive, the directors have made each scene very original.

“I think that as we’ve gone on it’s gotten harder for new franchises. I think we have become expectant of certain franchises that we know and like,” said Mr. Walls.

Unlike many predictable movies, Star Wars has fully portrayed a plot with new events and characters.

“I enjoy the new ones because they perfectly tie in with the storyline of the original movies. This keeps the viewers familiar with the story, but interested in the new ideas as well,” said freshman Lily Baroud. Baroud believes the movies are very entertaining if you have watched them all.

The recent sequel trilogy has brought about new fans and new excitement toward “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” coming to theaters on December 15 and “Star Wars: Episode IX” expected to release in 2019.