Fall Out Boy polarizes fans

Skylar Kim

Alternative music isn’t for everyone; it takes a real music devotee to enjoy the “pop-punk” style that many bands have acquired over the years. Fall Out Boy, for example, has always had a sound similar to rock music, but their new album, “Mania” (styled as M A N I A) has EDM (electronic dance music) influence. The album currently only has two songs released but fans have already pre-ordered and bought tickets for their upcoming tour in October despite their initial shock. The song, “Young and Menace” really took the fandom by surprise when it was released back in April. There was a lack of any response from the band and their second new song,“Champion,” was listed in the  Billboard Adult Top 40 over the summer. Both songs featured a more “pop” and “dubstep” sounding style, which is not what the group is known for producing, and was not the biggest hit; still, the songs both reached number one on the “Billboard Top 140 Chart” earlier this year.

As a listener of the band for years, not only was I taken back while listening to “Young and Menace” after so many had bashed it because, while it doesn’t have an easy to follow melody, it does, however, have amazing vocals, instrumentals, and a totally new sound which is greatly appreciated when half the songs on the radio sound the same. It also features Brendon Urie, of Panic! at the Disco, in the music video, which made many fans just squeal with delight! “Champion” is just as uplifting as the title suggests and is a great song to listen to while working out, prepping for a game or just jamming out with friends. In case you’ve never heard of Fall Out Boy, the best song to introduce yourself to their sound would definitely be “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” which is on their 2007 album “infinity on high”. Although it may seem funny to think of your grandma listening to this band, people of all ages can appreciate the unique sound because of the influence of Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie. And while track three of the album has yet to be released, I can’t wait to see what they have in store!