Video star takes on writing

Internet stars have been gaining increased popularity in recent years, with follower counts ranging from hundreds to millions. Content creators also make significant amount per the number of views per video. So, it seems like a no-brainer, these internet stars would double their profits by writing a book.
Gabrielle Hanna started her internet fame on Vine, an app that lets people make quick six second jokes, puns, and skits. When Vine started to die off due to Youtube videos gaining popularity, she and many others transitioned to YouTube where videos length does not matter. She called herself “The Gabbie Show” and was most famous on YouTube for her storytimes, where she told funny stories about her life experiences. She also made a second channel titled, “The Gabbie Vlogs” where she videoes her daily life, and how she is feeling in the present moment. In one of her videos, she read aloud some of her old poems from her teenage years, which is what inspired her to write her own book.
The book is called Adultolescence, which is a play on words for adult and adolescence. She made this choice because she believes the book is a fusion of adult themes and childhood themes. She also says, in one of her Vlogs, that the book is not like a lot of other books written by YouTubers because it’s a full poetry book.
A lot of people may say that YouTubers only write books as a scam to become more famous and double their already staggering profits. But, in my opinion, Gabbie seems very genuine about her book. In many of her vlogs, she states how much she enjoyed writing it and how it’s her passion in life. Her excitement and genuine happiness leap off the screen in her videos and the thought that the book might be a scam for more money was wiped clean from my mind. The book came out September 19th, 2017 and I’m sure I’ll be getting my copy soon.