Students plan spring break vacation escape

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  • Art by Kenny Yi

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As spring break is right around the corner, many people have plans, whether at home or abroad. According to a survey of Saint Viator students, 13 people are staying at home, 34 people are traveling and 9 are unsure of their plans. Out of the people traveling, 27 are staying inside the country and 7 responded saying that they are traveling outside the United States.

Megan Bosshart, freshman, said she is “going to New York City with [her] family.” Se also explained that while in New York she would be visiting “the statue of liberty, the empire state building, and the 9/11 memorial.”

“I’m excited to see central park and times square as well,” said Bosshart.

Another student, freshman Tess McLaughlin, is traveling to “Utah with [her] family to ski.”

Several of the students that responded to the survey are traveling to Florida, either with their family or with Saint Viator. Other students who are traveling outside the country responded with destinations such as Aruba, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Mexico. A few are also going on college visits or visiting their siblings in other states.

Spring break is a great time for every student because each has time to take a break from studying and the loads of homework. Traveling or not, spring break should be fun and a time to “free yourself” from school for a bit before continuous weeks of work.


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