Spongebob moves out of pineapple and onto stage


Art by Joanne Jun

Danny Hegberg
Staff Writer
“F is for friends who do stuff together. U is for you and me. N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea.” These letters spell out F.U.N. which is exactly what audiences are in store for with the brand-new “SpongeBob Musical.”
When Bikini Bottom is in danger from a nearby volcano eruption and enters into a panic-fueled apocalypse, only SpongeBob and his sponginess can save the day. Yes, the premise may be simple, but in the words of Patrick Star, “It may be stupid, but it’s also dumb.” This show is lead by a strong trio of Spongebob SquarePants (Ethan Slater), Patrick Star (Danny Skinner) and Sandy Cheeks (Lily Cooper). The show also includes an ensemble cast of everyone’s favorite Bikini Bottom fish, from Larry the Lobster to Eugene Krabs. Surprisingly, the performance that stole the show was Squidward Tentacles (Gavin Lee) with a tap number that leaves audience members thinking, “Wow! He was number one!”

The “inner machinations” of director Tina Laundau’s mind must be an enigma because this musical features original songs written by an incredibly odd array of artists, including Aerosmith, Panic! at the Disco, Sara Bareilles, David Bowie, John Legend and many more. This odd group of songwriters pays off into anything from Plankton-performed rap numbers to soul-inspiring pop numbers performed by everyone’s favorite sea sponge.

A show as carefree as this one is bound to attract some criticism. Whether it is that the plot has no real substance or that some members of the orchestra play with big meaty claws, these criticisms should come off as nothing but tartar sauce. The show stays self-aware through it’s unapologetically sillier moments as to almost say, “I’m ugly and I’m proud.” Some die-hard fans may walk into the theatre saying, “Careful SpongeBob, Careful SpongeBob! Careful SpongeBob!” in fear that the show would end being a pile of hoopla. But this wonderful show ends up being a F.U.N. time and nothing less.